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Jun 13, 2023
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Super Goal for PC is a thrilling soccer game that offers players the opportunity to take control of a stickman player and showcase their skills in scoring incredible goals. The game provides a unique and engaging experience, allowing users to draw a line to kick the ball and completely control its direction and route. This level of control adds a strategic element to the gameplay, requiring players to utilize their wisdom and problem-solving abilities to solve puzzles and achieve top-notch goals.

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One of the notable features of Super Goal for PC is its offline capability, allowing players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere without the need for an internet connection. This makes it a convenient option for those seeking a stickman soccer game on the go. The simplicity of the game’s mechanics, combined with its visually appealing 3D graphics, makes it suitable for players of all ages, making it an excellent choice for family entertainment.

In Super Goal, players can strike the ball with their head, feet, or back, providing a range of options to score goals creatively. Moreover, the game embraces the spirit of real soccer by allowing actions such as offside and tackle fouls. This unrestricted gameplay encourages players to explore different techniques and strategies to outsmart their opponents and emerge as heroes of the match.

As players progress through the levels, they have the opportunity to collect gold coins and keys, which serve as important in-game items. These resources can be used to unlock new ball skins and characters, adding a sense of progression and customization to the gameplay.

The game encourages players to think outside the box and use unconventional methods to collect as many coins and keys as possible, enhancing the overall challenge and enjoyment.

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Super Goal for PC also boasts an AI-controlled 3D environment, making the single-player matches engaging and challenging. The game’s AI is designed to provide intelligent and competitive gameplay, ensuring players face worthy opponents even in the absence of human players. This feature adds depth to the game and offers a satisfying experience for those seeking solo play.

The game’s unique gameplay extends beyond traditional soccer matches. In addition to kicking a football, players have the option to kick basketballs, tennis balls, volleyball, golf balls, billiards balls, rugby balls, and even fun variations like fruit balls, candy balls, and animal balls. This variety allows players to diversify their gaming experience and explore different sports and themes within the game.

Super Goal provides a range of iconic stadium venues, each with its distinct style. Players can expect to play matches in romantic beach soccer settings, crowded city stadiums, street soccer environments, and mountain soccer fields. This variety ensures that players can experience different atmospheres and adapt their playing style accordingly.

When players score a super goal in a match, they can celebrate with various entertaining moves. The game offers a selection of best goal celebrations, allowing players to celebrate their achievements in style.

What is Super Goal?

Another exciting aspect of Super Goal for PC is the ability to customize the stickman character. Players have the freedom to dress up their stickman in various skins, colors, and kits, allowing them to create a personalized and unique appearance. This feature adds a layer of personalization and encourages players to express their individuality within the game.

The opponents in the game even cooperate with the player to perform crazy celebration moves, adding an element of fun and camaraderie.

In summary, Super Goal is a mini-war full of clashes and thrilling soccer action. It offers players a chance to control their stickman player, score incredible goals, and overcome challenging puzzles.

With its offline capability, unique gameplay mechanics, customization options, and iconic stadium venues, Super Goal is an excellent choice for stickman soccer enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. The game’s continuous updates and dedication to incorporating player feedback ensure that the experience will continue to evolve and improve over time.

Super Goal PC Game Features

Sure! Here’s a summary of the features of the Super Goal for PC game:

  1. Unique Gameplay: Super Goal offers a distinct gameplay experience, allowing players to draw a line to kick the ball and fully control its direction and route. Players need to use their wisdom to solve puzzles and score impressive goals.
  2. Offline Gameplay: The game can be played offline, making it convenient for players to enjoy anytime and anywhere without requiring an internet connection.
  3. Stickman Soccer: Take control of a stickman player and showcase your skills in soccer. You can strike the ball with your head, feet, or back, adding creativity to your gameplay.
  4. No Restrictions: Super Goal allows players to freely kick the ball, embracing the spirit of real soccer by permitting actions like offside and tackle fouls. Players have the freedom to explore different techniques and strategies.
  5. Collectibles: Throughout the game, players can collect gold coins and keys, which are important items. These resources can be used to unlock new ball skins and characters, adding a sense of progression and customization to the game.
  6. AI-controlled 3D Environment: In single-player matches, players face highly intelligent game AI-controlled opponents, providing engaging and challenging gameplay.


How to Run Super Goal on PC?

Super Goal is an Android game that you can play on your personal computer using an Android emulator. Since the developers of Super Goal have not released a PC version, the only way to play it on a computer is by using an emulator to enhance the gaming experience.

At pcappdl, we review every app or game and select the most suitable emulator for it, providing its installation file for you. We have tested Super Goal on all emulators and have carefully chosen the best and most compatible one for you to download.

No Android emulator is perfect. Some emulators may not be great for running certain apps or games, while others work very well. Therefore, we select the best emulator for each Android game and provide it to you.

What are our criteria for choosing an emulator for this app?

Our criteria for selecting an emulator include its performance, safety, ability to run the app for long periods without errors or bugs, smooth and high-quality emulation, and comfortable controls for playing Super Goal on PC.

What are Super Goal PC requirements?

The following specifications are recommended for Super Goal on PC:

  • System: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11
  • RAM: Your PC must have at least 2GB of RAM.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Processor
  • Disk Space: Minimum 10GB Free Disk Space.